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You will find below, answers to the most commonly asked questions about Reef Courts Estate. These provide a broad overview of the main features of Reef Courts and are not intended to replace any of the formal documentation which forms the basis for purchase.

Q1: What is Reef Courts Estate?

A: RCE concept is an ultra-modern, gated, exclusive ‘live and leisure’ estate development complete with the basic utilities and infrastructure that will enhance ambience, luxury, safety and security, striking a perfect balance of privacy, style and functionality right in the heart of Port Harcourt.

Located off Peter Odili road, within the Golf Estate and covering approximately 24.59 hectare area, bordered by a serene stretch of waterfront. The estate provides premium plots to house residences; semi-detached, detached, and corporate lodges. It will include requisite amenities, such as a clubhouse, shopping area, pharmacy, laundry etc., all complete with first class infrastructure.

Q2: What is the Unique Selling Point of RCE?

A: The Reef Courts Estate is designed as a low traffic – low density estate offering spacious homes at good rates. The development gives you flexibility to actively participate in the design and construction process of your home.

Q3: What property can I buy in Reef Courts Estate?

A: There are currently 6 house types of 3 and 4 bedrooms as described below.


Q4: How do I buy into Reef Courts Estate?

A: RCE offers Turnkey and Joint developments approach where you can subscribe and make instalment payments for the development of your choice housing units in line with the approved prototypes.

Prototype Offer: The subscriber selects the prototype of choice. Construction is completed within 2 years.
Lot Offer: The Estate also offers the option to select and purchase serviced Lots that range from about 450sqm to over 1,300sqm, depending on your home selection. Once the Lot is secure, we will proceed to build your selected home to the design and specification of your selected prototype, within 2 years. This offer is limited.

Q5: What are the payment terms?

A: Payment of 25% deposit upon subscription and the balance payments must be paid by agreed installments over the next 24 months.A: Payment of 25% deposit upon subscription and the balance payments must be paid by agreed installments over the next 24 months.

Q6: What is the procedure for building homes on the estate?


  1. Consult with your sales representative to select your preferred service plot and home type.
  2. Upon subscription and milestone 1 payment the Estate Project Manager will discuss the construction process of your preferred home type and provide guidance in selecting a builder from our pool of approved builders that will be best suitable to meet your requirements. All parties will discuss and agree on the level of finishing required, the total cost of subscriber preferences and the construction period.
  3. The Estate Project Manager shall approve all construction on the Estate, and will maintain oversight interface with the builders; oversee the construction; and ensure that your home is delivered on time and to the correct specification.
  4. 2.5% Project Management Fee shall be paid.

Q7: How long will it take to build my home?

A: If all payment milestones are met, most of the homes offered in the Estate can be constructed within a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 18 months. It is important to note that you are expected to finish building your home within 24 months.

Q8: Can I build my home myself?

A: No. Only RCE approved builders will be allowed to build on the Estate. Our goal is to provide the right quality-finished homes in sync and properly matched with the robust infrastructure. We have selected builders that we are confident will deliver high-quality homes as well as understand the unique cohesion and building guidelines of the Estate. This will enable us avoid damage to the infrastructure, or disruption to the tranquility of the Estate.

Q9: What if I want to change the interior of my home?

A: Home buyers are permitted to modify their homes interiors to reflect their personal tastes. They are however encouraged to discuss the modifications with the Project Manager to ascertain that the consequences of the proposed modification will not affect the building’s structure.

Q10: What if I want to change the exterior of my home?

A: The External façade of all homes will remain as planned, and cannot be changed. Owners are also not permitted to build a structure beyond your building regulation zones. The home designs provided have been carefully selected to conform to the general style of the entire Estate.

Q11: When will my home construction start?

A: Construction of homes will commence by October 2017. However a significant level of mobilization would be in place to enable rapid work take-off. Such pre-construction activities shall include moulding of blocks, stock piling sand for mortar and concrete, on-site cement warehousing and building material yard.

Q12: What do I get when I complete my payment?

A: The following documents are given to you once you complete your payment.

  1. Deed of Assignment extract from the Certificate of Occupancy
  2. Homeowners Agreement

Q13: How many years is the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)?

A: RCE has a global C of O issued for a 99-year period and purchasers will be assigned the rights over their plots for the remainder of the ownership period.

Q14: When can I move into my home?

A: RCE is designed in 3 phases to allow occupation for early movers. The Phase1 is expected to be completed and ready for occupation in Q3 – Q4 of 2018.

Q15: Will the Estate have a designated facilities manager?

A: Yes. Reef Courts will appoint a competent facility manager for a period not exceeding 24months upon completion of the entire estate after which the Home Owners Association takes over the management and decision making responsibility. The Home Owners Association (HOA) will be a separate, not-for-profit, legal entity responsible for the supervision, control, regulation and management of the estate, with the objective of sustaining high standards.

Q16: Will there be a homeowner service charge?

A: Yes. Each homeowner will be required to pay a Service Charge, or any other levy mandated for ongoing maintenance of the Estate. The Facility Manager / HOA will determine the charges.

Q17: What are the plans for security on the Estate?

A: Public access to the Estate will be limited to only invited / approved guests. The Estate will be fenced and gated, while mobile security patrols will be employed to secure its perimeter and strategic beats. Modern intrusion detection and monitoring systems will also be utilized for the perimeter areas. However, some level of public access may be granted to parts of the Commercial Service Park.

Q18: What is the source of power supply on the estate?

A: While power will primarily be supplied by PHED, the estate will be zoned for effective power distribution and there will however be backup generators at central locations. Residents will not be permitted to have personal generators in their houses.

Q19: Will there be provision for a hospital within the estate?

A: There are no plans to build a hospital within the estate, but there will be a provision for a pharmacy with a mini clinic in case of emergency.

Q20: How do I visit Reef Court Estate?

A: We encourage visits to Reef Courts, during our on-site operational hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM, and Saturday 10AM – 4PM. Additionally, you may schedule a meeting on appointment by calling any of the following numbers; 09052657794& 08165268079, and our officers be available to meet you at our Marketing Suite.

You may also complete a Contact Form on our website and one of our representatives will schedule to meet with you.